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Social Media Scheduling Tools

From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the jobs social media marketers have to complete every day.

Thankfully, Posting Storm can streamline your workflows, help you save some time and even ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time using social media scheduling tools

The social media marketing for businesses has evolved rapidly with more people using social media on daily basis. In fact, 57.6% of the world’s population uses social media and the average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes (October 2021).

Businesses are aggressively shifting focus primarily on their social media strategies to get their products and services seen as much as possible.

Companies have to narrow down what they need to increase their social media ROI and maeasure their marketing efforts. Usually social media management is looking for monitoring and listening, analyzing and enagaging tools accross multiple social media accounts. Companies must rely on social media marketing using management tools which can help their bottom line.

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What is social media posts scheduling tools?

Social media scheduling tools mostly represents automate publishing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Tumblr from a single dashboard. Save time, support collaboration and maximize social media engagement using social media management tool.

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How to schedule social media posts perfectly ?

Starting Point

Plan Your Social Media Content

Organize your posts in a content calendar, and you’ll be covered for weeks. If you have facebook pages is good, but Posting Storm social media scheduling tools covers also Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business and Tumblr. Make sure to publish best visual content posts on all of them.

Import different content types and ideas, assign them to your social media scheduling publishing tools, social media scheduler, and have them shared automatically for you in just a few clicks.

Starting Point

Building Content

Create Designs

Once your design is ready, select the social media profiles you want it to be shared on – along with a caption, emojis, and hashtags. 

Building Content

Schedule your social media posting

Build your Social Media Scheduling Tools

Adding posts on the fly in social media scheduler is easier if you can customize them for different platforms’ requirements — all social platform from one place. 

Recycle your posts multiple times by adding slight variations to them. If it’s time-sensitive content.

Schedule your social media posting

Check Statistics

Watch Your Accounts Grow

An social media management department should track the engagement rate, comments, likes, shares, and impressions for each post, so you know what’s working best for your audience using our reporting feature.

Once you’ve identified high-performing posts, you can share them once again.

Check Statistics

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What is social media posts scheduling tool?

Social media scheduling tools mostly represents automate publishing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Tumblr from a single dashboard. Save time, support collaboration and maximize social media engagement using social media management tool.

Social Media Posts

As social media management tools can social media scheduling in order to automate your posting it can’t do to much without the right content that reaches your business audience.

“The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.”

We created a list of almost 100 media content ideas, which you can use with our social media scheduling tools, for marketers to constantly bring new and fresh ideas on the table in order to keep audience engaged and entertained, that in combination with our social media scheduler tool can build your social media campaigns.

This list of social media post content ideas will keep your social marketing strategy inspired for a long time. But the rule that applies on all of them it’s to take content curation.

There’s no denying that social media management or social media marketing departments are seeing this as one of the biggest challenges of social media scheduling tool is content curation

Ask your users opinion

If you already have few users or clients, ask them before starting your social media efforts what kind of content they prefer to see on your social media.


Add them into your social media strategy as inspiring or motivational quotes with a hint of business or product will always work as magic.

As a question

Engage your users to your social media posts by asking simple, relevant questions to your business. For sure they will be always glat to help.

Share your achivements

Potential fans or customers would be motivated to try out your services or products. So adding it to your social media scheduling tool would be a great idea.

Blog content

Share your relevant content and assign posts on your social media scheduling tool. Posting Storm automation tool will allow all your accounts and multiple platforms to be added on content calendar.


Usually it’s boosting engagement on your scheduled posts from social media calendar. Running a poll often is an effective social media marketing and you can do it with just a few clicks

Funny posts

People love to read funny things and such posts are known to create healthy engagement. Thats why when scheduling content you should keep this point in priority list for social sharing.

Company posts or photos

Let your brand mentions grow, make people feel connected to you over social channels. You should also monitor brand mentions which Posting Storm social media scheduling tool does it.


Share interesting industry updates, data and statistics. Save time your marketing teams time by letting them use Posting Storm with scheduling posts and social media analytics.

Behind the scene

Customers will love to know what goes behind the scene, how a product it’s build should be part of your social strategy.


Your social media posting campaign should also include useful that has already been written by someone else it’s a nice way to keep your users updated.


With social media scheduling tool just assign yourself 10 minuts to give old posts or links on your site a new life.

Combine serious with casual

Your industry too boring ? Share on social platforms posts accompanied by funny yet relevant GIF or image with social media scheduler tool.

Personalized content

Do something for your customers, schedule posts that will notice and do something special for them. Sharing customized offers for your loyal customers could be a great idea that works on all social media platforms

Customer reviews

Add on your social media scheduling tools reviews and testimonials of your fans will let others know why people love your brand.

Tips & Advice

Depending on your industry, share instant tips that your followers might find useful for big or small businesses.

Product photos or services

Let your users know what you do. Schedule posts in your social media tools or ask your social media managers to create content that will describe your products or services. This should be present at least once a week in your social media calendar.

Share an offer

People just love offers, all marketing managers will tell you this. Using Posting Storm becomes easy to manage multiple accounts and save time on your social media campaigns


Everybody just loves free stuff. You can occasionally add in social media scheduling tool, give away free ebooks, infographic, white paper or even a free version of your product/software.

Case Study

Case study and show your audience how your product / service can help them and why it’s efficient. Using social media scheduling tools you can build a few of them and put the scheduling tool to automatically post them from time to time.